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Architecture Overview

Overview of the Source Folder Structure

Overview of a Plugin

The Scoreboard

  • Scoreboard Object
  • Add a new scoring tool line to the scoreboard

The Scoring Functions

  • Functions Object
  • Add a Function (example)
  • Add a function editor window (example)

Interacting with the Map

  • Add a map layer (example)
  • Add a reference layer tool (example)

Modifying the User Interface

  • Add a menu item (button example)
  • Display a custom window
    • Add a tool options window (example)

Use of Included Javascript Frameworks

  • Extjs
  • GeoExt
  • Openlayers
  • jQuery


Project Management

Copyright Notices

The use of Ext JS in PVMapper is covered by the Sencha Exception for FLOSS Applications:

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